SEO and Internet Marketing

Advertising Smarter, Not Harder!

Advertising online is one of the smartest ways to reach across to people. So do you start cold-mailing people? Put a few ads on random websites? What are the chances of the right customers finding your website? How about the barrage of information that users already encounter? How will you cut through all of this and appeal to your potential customers?

Orthos technologies has the answers. Web marketing and advertising takes a lot of strategic planning and inventive execution. With experience and insight, our team of web marketing experts can help you use the Internet effectively and smartly. We can help you get to your customers and get your customers to you!

E-Marketing is the New Mantra - How?

Placing ads is just a small aspect of our web marketing strategy. We are here to put your business out there – ‘there’ is where the right customers will acknowledge you and find you. We offer several marketing tools including software applications for you to promote your business better. Orthos technologies employs Banner Advertising, Email Campaigns, Search Engine Promotions, Reciprocal Linking and other innovative methods to promote your business.


Advertise once and you will not be remembered. Advertise continuously and customers may remember you. Advertise consistently and innovatively, and people will be consistently interested. Orthos technologies realizes the importance of capturing customers’ interests but more importantly, retaining them. This key aspect of our web marketing strategy will help you cut through the competition and keep your business on top!


Losing your website in the virtual medium is very easy. If you want business, you need to generate more traffic to your website. But how do you do that in a seemingly congested and disorganized space like the Internet? The best way to increase traffic and consequential traffic at that, is to mark your presence on major search engines.

Search engines with their own spiders list your web pages in a specific manner. Search engine optimization of your web pages will ensure that your customers easily find your website on a search engine. As a part of our web marketing strategy, Orthos technologies offers search engine optimization services to put your website on the major search engines.

A team of experts at Orthos technologies analyze the search engines and conceive methods to make your website search engine friendly. Once we work on your website, you can find it among the top listings on a search page.

Legitimate Vs Illegitimate

Trying to beat the search engine system will not take you too far. Search engines take a hard view at certain search engine optimization techniques. Illegitimate techniques will cause more harm to your website than gain, and may even lead to a ban from search engines! Would you risk employing illegitimate methods such as spamming your content with keywords in a manner which lends it to be absolutely unreadable? Orthos technologies assures its clients of legitimate SEO techniques that will not jeopardize their websites!

Orthos technologies is at the service of its clients and their businesses. We work towards ensuring the improvement of your business and the achievement of your short-term and long-term goals.

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