Current Solutions

Payment Gateway Integration

Orthos Technologies offers online payment gateway solutions. In this the transactions are fully online where in the member companies can interact with the customers directly. The member users can use either the quick pay or online invoicing to receive the payments of the customers. These kinds of payments are server based in which the transactions can take place, on any system and with any Internet connection.

This "Payment Gateway" is specifically designed to accommodate the increasing demand by e-commerce companies for sophisticated multi-currency payment solutions to tap the enormous opportunities for global Internet transactions. Payment Gateway also includes several exciting new technologies that enable e-commerce businesses to display pricing in a customer local currency while providing back-end settlement and reporting to the merchant in the currency of its own choice.

Payment Gateway services are offered by Banks like Citibank, HDFC, ICICI etc and the companies like World Pay, Planet Payment etc who are authorized to accept Credit Card online. Payment Gateway services is the heart of E-commerce, which enables transaction online. They provide you with Merchant ID No, which helps to manage and maintain your accounts.

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