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Travel Portals

Planning a vacation has got simple now. The days where you had to look into all those fat brochures and spend endless time with the travel agent is all gone. With the help of the Internet get all the information online and can also book all your tickets online.

Book tickets Online:

The days are gone when you had to stand in long queues to book tickets for your trips. Online booking has made life very simple for people who want to take up a vacation. You can book tickets online sitting at home or at your work place.

Web helps tourism business:

Be it a tourism portal or an accommodation portal or an airline reservation or a hotel website. Making the information available to the people through the net is the key success to making profits.

Way to do this:

At Orthos technologies custom-made websites are developed for holiday and vacation businesses. These websites are designed in such a manner that the proprietor or the administrator can publish their own micro web pages and this also gives an insight about the various holiday resorts. With the separate login features the customers, proprietors or the administrators can advertise their holiday businesses. With the search option the customers can get all the information about the holiday spot and can also book tickets online.

How is it useful to the customers, proprietors and to administrators:

To customers:

This kind of a website is very useful to the customers as it gives complete information about the entire holiday package which includes the place they are looking for, bookings and the tariffs and the availability and payment method.

To the proprietors:

The proprietor can use to advertise about the business. He can setup his own micro sites, which highlight the core information. He has the ability to choose his own layout of the site, upload images and add content for all the pages that are the introductory page, facilities page, and accommodation and tariffs page. He can also view the booking, which shows the name of the customer, dates booked and the deposited amount. He can also edit his content.

To the administrator:

The administrator has the advantage of deleting either the proprietors or the customer’s information. He has the options of deleting or adding the micro pages. He can view the list of the customers who have made the payment and the list of the customers who have to make the payment.

Payments through online:

The portals have the facility where in you can make the payment online. Ones the booking and the payment has been made a receipt will be sent through an e-mail to the customer or to the administrator.

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