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A mobile app design that has a stunning look and feel is as a result of an efficient User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. Today, all well-known mobile applications are coherently built by putting UI/UX design into consideration.

Mobile apps that are designed without putting UI/UX into consideration leads to a failure to attract users. Currently, with very attractive and cool looks, users prefer quick and easy to navigate applications that can solve their problems with fewer interactions and touch. Therefore, it is very important for mobile app development companies or app developers in India to comprehend the importance of UI/UX in the development of mobile apps. First of all, it’s vital to understand the concept of UI/UX design.

User Interface:

The UI design of a mobile application includes the look and feel of the app; this means how your application interacts with its users. It generally emphasizes on the presentation of the app. The job of the user interface designer is to focus on an app’s graphic design by understanding and considering the users.

User Experience:

The UX is the process that determines the point of view of the user on how the application feels. This has a lot of impact on establishing the impression of your business. User experience contains all the elements of user’s interaction with the application. An effective user experience is a routine of increasing the trust and satisfaction of customers with the helping of improving usability, simplicity, and also the satisfaction imparted in the app and user interaction. A very good UX designer does thorough research before starting the app design related to the target market, specific industry, the user’s need and more.

The Effect of an Efficient UI/UX Design on the Success of Your Mobile App:

For your app to be successful, you need to provide your end-users a pleasurable experience with a user interface that is engaging. A very good and efficient user experience design for the development of a mobile application is vital to creating experiences that are engaging. The major reason is to achieve business goals for building a brand name, improve brand reputation, and generate more traffic and revenue. To accomplish the profitable gain, user experience design requires absolute qualitative feedback to motivate the response.

There are a lot of wonderfully designed apps that provide the seamless UX design to boost conversion performance. For example, Flipboard is a well-known iOS and Android app of a digital magazine that collects news from various websites and social sources and displays them in the form of a magazine.

It provides users a realistic feel when reading and using the transitions to flip over pages and with unending information flow. Thus, with an appropriate balancing of UI and UX design, you can attract more natural traffic on your mobile application and also provide your users an engaging experience for a long time.

Important Aspects of UI and UX design:

- You need to make use of common colors, symbols, buttons, font style, and icons that make the use of your app easy for users and make them a little more familiar using your mobile app. You can provide an exceptional and outstanding user interface in your mobile app. You can hire web designers as they are mostly good in playing with colors and fonts to give you an astonishing feel of your app.

- Make sure the elements you use are simple, especially the language and the visuals. By making the elements of your simple, you do not need a manual to illustrate how your app works.

- A proficient UI/UX designer informs the users about every ongoing process on the app via notifications, for example, when loading content, the user should be informed on the screen that something is loading. To achieve the best designs, designers consider and value the time of users. So they have to make their contents load very fast when designing the app.

- You also have to understand the flow of the users that have to do with content and actions. This means your application should not comprise of only attractive designs. One very important thing your app should focus on is the ease it provides users in making their interaction with app pleasurable.

- The overall UI of your app design should be uniform. This will provide ease for users to identify the usage pattern all through the app.

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