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Web 5.0

Orthos Technologies WEB5.0

Web 5.0 is a broad concept, which combines a wide range of technological and social trends, which form the new Internet and a new class of web applications over the last few years.

Web 5.0 Software

Web 5.0 Software represents a major step forward for web application developers, encompassing key principles like the Web as a platform, Rich User Experience and Usability, Composite, Architecture of participation and Perpetual Beta.

Web 5.0 Development

Developing software, as well as doing business, in the Web 5.0 era demands from us to adjust to the realities of the new Web. Orthos Technologies has invested in training resources and developing best practices for web application development using Web 5.0 Software to help you meet the requirements of the new generation of the Web delivering.

* Next-generation Portals
* Rich Internet Applications
* Software as a Service Applications
* Enterprise Mash-ups

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