Web Design and Development

Orthos Technologies give professional web design, development and maintenance services.
Orthos Technologies has a bunch of professional web designers and developers who are skilled in making various projects from brochures sites to multifunctional web portals. The company provides complete front end and backend development based on the new technologies and trend.

Professional Design

With the use of the advanced design tools the designers will create appealing and exclusive designs with stand out in the crowd. The designs combine:

* Appealing and professional style
* Consistent overall layout
* Consistent corporate identity
* Colors compatibility
* Rational space usage

Comprehensive Functionality

Front-end functionability

Functionality is the main thing for the website to look real in the market. Orthos Technologies delivers the custom built solutions, which provide functionality that would match the actual business requirement. When a business requirement changes modular approach helps to expand the new or the all ready existing functionability.

Back-office Administration

Back office administration can be depending upon the requirement that will give a strong hold on various site operations. This can include non-technical contents creation or publication, dynamic structure generation, document management, user management, access rights and permission. Business operations management, site statistics module and others.

Expert Back-end Programming

The specialist at Orthos Technologies can create highly creative and highly interactive and effective back end interfaces. The clients are given a complete spectrum of the of the back end development including page generation and data design and development, distributed data base development for websites dealing with large amounts of data, data encryption, advanced search mechanism integration, built in security, real time payment processing audio/video streaming etc.

The Effectiveness Approach

In the entire website development cycle the specialists at Orthos Technologies will help the clients to implement the business in a cost effective solution.

Effective Communication:

Communication is a the very important thing for the success of any project. For the development the initial thing is a manager is involved. At Orthos Technologies the client call directly interact with manager. At Orthos Technologies the specialists use different means like e-mails, phones, instant messenger and skype as well.

Effective Process:

The professionals at Orthos Technologies have developed the methodology from the best industries like RUP and Agile methodology. All the projects go through the verification procedures.

Effective Solution:

Taking into consideration the current needs and laying foundation a detail analysis is done to define the appropriate approach to select the right tools and technologies. The analysts study the business requirement thoroughly.

Effective Quality:

A quality assurance department is responsible for quality monitoring and testing of all stages of all the websites developed to ensure quality result. The verification process involves various aspects like GUI testing and HTML standards compliance, functionality-to-requirements conformity, error-free coding, performance and stability testing.

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