Secure Intranets / Extranets

Any company’s strategic advantage depends upon getting information from anywhere any time. At Orthos technologies the specialists help you to create Internet or Extranet framework and develop information management system. These specialists will help you to create a Orthos technologies foundation for your corporate knowledge, project or document management, business to business extranet, decision support system and more.

* Corporate Portals – enterprise knowledge organization and distribution with personalized access and presentation

* Collaboration Tools – forums and discussion boards, even calendars, internal or/and external messaging systems for communication with clients, partners and employees

* Enterprise Data Repositories – organized and secure storage and retrieval tools for corporate document and digital asset management

* Workflow Automation Tools – business process automation systems facilitating and streamlining the management of day-to-day business operations

Orthos technologies’s applications will help you to streamline the workflow, collect information on line, report on date from multiple systems and manage contents and documents for various departments.

Our intranet/extranet development include:

* Database engine design and development
* Interface design and implementation
* Programming
* Content organization
* Web services integration

Orthos technologies has an experience of over 15 years in web application development, which will help you to create a powerful and expandable internet or extranet solutions to manage data.

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