Work Flow Based Applications

Use of workflow in business:

* The evolution of workflow Management involves the automation of business procedures, which consists of passing of documents, information or tasks from one participant to another, which is governed by the rules or procedures.
* Like any other software technologies, workflow software product has also evolved from diverse origins, in which some have evolved as pure workflow software and few have originated as image management systems, document management systems, relational or object database systems, and electronic mail systems.
* Each of theses approaches has a variety of strengths in them. There are vendors who have developed pure workflow offerings have invented terms and interfaces, and there are vendors who have evolved products from other technologies have often adapted terminology and interfaces.
* Colors compatibility
* Workflow Automation Tools – business process automation systems facilitating and streamlining the management of day-to-day business operations

Benefits of Workflow

* Improved efficiency - automation of many business processes results in the elimination of many unnecessary steps
* Better process control - improved management of business processes achieved through standardizing working methods and the availability of audit trails
* Improved customer service – consistency in the processes leads to greater predictability in levels of response to customers
* Flexibility – software control over processes enables their re-design in line with changing business needs
* Business process improvement - focus on business processes leads to their streamlining and simplification

General Features of workflow based Application

Login : Secure login on roles based access with 128 Bit Incription created by the super administrator of the site.

Password : Password will be provided to all the users of the system to enter into the application, the system will study the password and open the screen based on the role of the person. The link is encrypted to handle the security issue of the system.

Work flow based approach: Care has been taken to give an excellent workflow based business process to give the user an extremely user friendly screen. This is a unique approach that will not be available in any system. The system will have the following icons .

* Tasks : The system has an unique feature in task /Role based menu management. Every task the system has to perform is mapped to an user based on the roles Thereby making sure no task goes unattended.
* Alerts : The alert will intimate the user if something new happens in the chain.
* Policies : The policies to be adopted in operation of this system is documented, with screen specific help.
* Reports : The reports that can be accessed by the role will be displayed.
* HR : The HR module is related with managing personal details and information of employees viz. C&Fs, BPs, DSRs and Customers.
* CRM : The CRM Module manages activation and deactivation of customers. When BP or DSR is inactivated, their customers are relocated to other DSR. This module manages their stock as well when they are deactivated.

Work Flow based Applications

* CRM Application
* Office Intranet (ERM)
* Online Real Estate Management Tool
* Sales Force Automation
* Content Management System

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